Neighborly Love

Bonds that Bring People Together

Levi, Sam, Bill, Marty and Jeff are like any other family in the neighborhood. They get up in the morning and go to work, eat around the table in the evening and enjoy each other’s company during the rest of the day. But, because of their developmental disabilities, they’re often isolated and ignored when they venture outside of their house. Graceworks Enhanced Living strives to break down those barriers in the community. And, as the men found when they hosted a neighborhood party, that community connection can start right next door.

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Neighborly Love
Neighborly Love
Neighborly Love

Building Inclusion

In early September, a little rain did not stop Graceworks Enhanced Living resident Nick from helping build a home with Habitat for Humanity. Over 300 people filled the parking lot of Stillwater United Methodist Church in Dayton to celebrate the construction of two Habitat for Humanity Homes. Each year, the annual event called A Day of Inclusion unites members of the Stillwater Church with individuals that have disabilities to help build homes for those in need. Trained helpers allow all volunteers to share their talents and acts of love. Thanks to the invitation from Stillwater United Methodist Church, Nick was able to put his individual stamp on the home and give back to his community.


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